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First Aid Kit - Medium

BSI Compliant First Aid Kit Medium

Compliant to BSI BS8599-1 standards

Contents contained in a durable and stylish green polypropylene box

For low risk workplaces of between 25 to 100 employees

For high risk workplaces of between 5 to 25 employees

Contains: 2 x conforming bandages, 3 x triangular bandages, 2 x burn dressing, 3 x eye pad dressings, 3 x finger dressings, 4 x HSE medium dressings, 3 x HSE large dressings, 2 x adult foil blanket, 9 x pairs of gloves, 1 x guidance leaflet, 60 x washproof assorted plasters, 1 x resuscitation face shield, 1 x shears, 2 x microporus tapes, 30 x cleansing wipes


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